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Matt Knisely is a multi Emmy® award-winning photojournalist and storyteller based in Dallas, Texas focusing on social-awareness campaigns around the globe. He is the Creative Director for Fellowship Technologies and is also the founder of Good World Creative, a collaborative focused on developing meaningful graphics and motion pictures to help non-profits tell their story. In two words, Matt is a cultural architect.

Prior to joining Fellowship Tech, Matt worked for Lawton First as Director of Communications and also was the director of photojournalism for FOX Minneapolis and made it one of the best stations in the country for television photography and visual communication. His work has been featured on the BBC, NBC, ABC, and FOX News Channel and he has received the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award in electronic journalism. To learn more visit Wikipedia or follow @MattKnisely on Twitter.


The posts on this site, my tweets, and Facebook posts are my own personal opinions. They are not read or approved by my employer before posting and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of my employer.